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The Calm To A Savage's Heart: It's Still A Cold Winter With A Hot Boy Spin-off

The Calm To A Savage's Heart: It's Still A Cold Winter With A Hot Boy Spin-off

  • Book Synopsis

    You first met Savage and True in the dominating bestselling ‘A cold Winter With A Hot Boy’ series, and now back by high demand, you get to get a closer look into their love and their lives.

    True has always stood on her word displaying the highest levels of loyalty, and growing up in the trenches, she knew the game of survival like she knew the curves on her body. However, with her newfound love in Savage, she’s finding out how to now master the game of love. Being independent was all she knew and the hardest battle was being with a man who already had the bag while trying to get to her own. With the devil constantly stepping in, True has to maneuver her way through this maze of her self inflicted battles, while still fighting for love to win. 

    Savage, the little brother of the infamous ‘Snow’ has always been his own man and had proven that he truly lived up to his name. With his ex lurking in the background he finds himself loving on True even harder while constantly putting her through the loyalty test to determine just how down she was for him. In this drama filled, fast paced, and suspenseful novel, dangers are lurking while love is growing and when a threat of evil lingers around, love and loyalty are tested at its highest level.

    We loved them before, but getting to know them personally is a different beat of the drum. Can a Savage’s heart be tamed? Can a hood girl be a good girl? When the beast awakens in a Savage, the only person who can calm him is the one who has his heart. Let’s see how it all plays out in ‘The Calm To A Savage’s Heart’.


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