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The Calm To A Savage's Heart 2: It's Still A Cold Winter With A Hot Boy Spin-off

The Calm To A Savage's Heart 2: It's Still A Cold Winter With A Hot Boy Spin-off

  • Book Synopsis

    Savage has proven numerous times that he’s more than just the brother lurking in Snow’s shadow. He’s his own man and nothing stands in the way of his money, his family, and his beliefs. Although his bond with True is built rock solid, you never truly know how a relationship could survive until it crashes with a storm. Stuck in Cuba searching for answers, he discovers more than what he bargained for while having to accept the painful truth. 

    True only knows one way of living and that’s to always ‘Stay True’ but the toll of Savage being gone takes a different kind of emotional disturbance on her and to avoid the void she feels, she dives head first into her money making scheme while staying under the radar. They say all money ain’t good money and all good things must come to an end and she finally realizes this when it becomes too much to bare as she’s caught up in love and war with herself. 

    It’s a known fact that it’s a dog eat dog world and sometimes when you’re at your strongest, the devil shows up to make sure you succumb to weakness. With the family being hunted, the clock is racing to find out who’s behind the treacherous hits. Although wrapped up in different aspects of their lives, they can all agree on one thing and that was when it came to safety, only the family mattered and nothing came before that. Take this ride with us on another journey as we dig deeper into Savage’s heart


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