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Tasha's Got A Baby

Tasha's Got A Baby

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  • Book Synopsis

    Tasha’s a project girl with a street mentality. If living in poverty wasn’t bad enough, she had to share a tiny apartment with 9 other people. Using her body she had to do what she had to do to keep her freedom, but even those meant to protect you can be deceitful.

    Standing on corners she had to get it by any means. Her mama never cared and a father was nonexistent causing Tasha to risk her life numerous of nights rather to sell crack than to become a victim of the pipe.

    Wanting a better life for herself was all she wanted until things take a turn getting even worse. Now she’s brought another human into this world with nothing to offer, but as the secrets she’s been hiding unfolds, this may be the break that she needs to get her up out the hood no matter whose life it affects or the humiliation it may cause.

    Can she escape all her troubles? Is she truly ready? Find out how it all plays out in Tasha’s Got A Baby.


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