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It's Still A Cold Winter With A Hot Boy: A Cold WInter With A Hot Boy Spin-off

It's Still A Cold Winter With A Hot Boy: A Cold WInter With A Hot Boy Spin-off

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  • Book Synopsis

    In this ‘A Cold Winter With A Hot Boy’ Spin-off, you’ll find out the true definition of love and loyalty. The crew is back and their lives are more intense than ever. With evil lurking around, you never know who’s next in line to meet the grim reaper. Snow is still the man, and although everything isn’t what it seems, his guard is always up and ready for whatever. When secrets come to surface, he’s forced to get his hands dirty without regards to anyone’s feelings about the decisions he has to make to protect what’s his at all cost. Mani, is down for whatever when it comes to her man, and nothing could come in between that. So accustomed to dealing with abuse, she has a hard time accepting the extremely high platform that Snow has put her on when it comes to his beliefs. However, she’s puts her feelings to the side when she’s forced to deal with yet another situation causing her to grow up more quickly than what she would’ve liked. Despite what’s going on in their personal lives, they’re faced with challenging situations daily, and are sucked into the lives of everyone around them. Get ready to step a little deeper into the lives of some of your most memorable characters, as well as the lives of some new ones. In the gritty streets of Miami, it’s an absolute must that you stay dressed for the weather. 



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