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Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin' 4

Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin' 4

  • Book Synopsis

    In this crew, the love is undeniable but nobody is safe from betrayal and secrets. 

    The stronger the love grows between Gu and Qui's relationship, the more stories in the lives of their families unfold. With RaRa and Nessy both trying to run Qui off, they fail to realize that the hate only brought Gu and Qui closer. However, Gu can't seem to catch a break with one tragedy after the other and this last tragedy may be one that not even a heart as thorough as his can handle. 

    Qui realizes that if she and Gu are gonna make it...she's gonna have to truly be her man's backbone at one of his weakest moments in life, while still healing herself as well. Not only has she tied her soul with him by word, she's now crossed the line of intertwining intimate souls with Gu and vows that he'll always be her first, last, and only. 

    Bari finally feels a taste of freedom. Freedom from the lies and the secrets as she now realizes just how much she's damaged her family and how much she really loves the one true man she should've been loving from the beginning. There's a long road in front of her to repair the relationships with all of the people she damaged. With preparations in getting ready to become a teen mom, she'll find out the importance in separating what she felt from what's real. 

    Find out if they all can get the happy ending they so desperately need in this emotional finale of Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin'.


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