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Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin' 3

Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin' 3

  • Book Synopsis

    Gu is on a full blown rampage after the truth about RaRa comes out while dealing with the pressures of everything he'd ever known as family crumbling right before his eyes. Determined not to allow life to break him; he declares that there was no more room for snakes and they all had to go, even when he didn't want them to. Trying to keep a balanced relationship with Qui was the only thing that kept him going and it became much more deeper than just wanting somebody; with her he was learning the depths of the word 'need' and he loved her so much that anything or anyone that threatened the love they shared placed themselves in a direct path of danger with him. 

    Qui on the other hand was willing to be the ride or die for her first true love. There were no limits she wouldn't take to make sure they stayed happy and the last thing she wanted to do was allow the bitter women in his life to run her away. They always said a bitter baby mother's worst nightmare was to see her baby daddy go on and be happy and successful with another woman. Qui learned day by day how true this was while vowing to be there for her man while fighting her own demons. 

    Bari finally faced reality and lived in her truth, even though it cost her much more than money could ever buy. More than willing to take the steps that needed to be taken to get her life back on track, she's glad to have a friend like Bambi by her side to lean on while battling the struggles of losing the man that she thought she was in love with, and then losing the one she discovered she actually 'was' in love with. 

    RaRa and Hennessy are on a vengeance of their own but they'll both soon learn the hard way. They say the 3rd times the charm... find out what happens in some more Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin'.


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