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Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin' 2

Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin' 2

  • Book Synopsis

    When secrets are told and the lies unfold, Messiah (Gu) and Turquoise (Qui) both realizes that the ones you think are closest to you are the ones lingering around awaiting your demise or sitting in your face while hissing in your grass. Meanwhile, Gu is at his breaking point with everyone around him only wanting to be the man he's suppose to be, but how could he do that while battling the newfound snakes in his grass? 

    Qui wanted nothing more than to remember her past in the previous installment, but when she finally did, it wasn't what she expected at all making her feel even more like some things were better left untold as she learns the truth about her fatal accident. With a long road ahead of her... she's certain about one thing and one thing only. She's unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Gu, but could she face the challenges that may affect the love she has for him after dropping the bomb on him confirming the truth about his family? 

    Belcalis (Bari) teenage life is moving way faster than what it should be, but her latest trifling antics may have just gotten her in one of the biggest dilemma's of her life. With one of her secrets now exposed... she's not sure if she'll even live to be able to tell the other. With no choice but to face the reality of her own problems, she accepts the fact that mental illness is real and the mind is easy to be manipulated but will she change her ways to save her own life? 

    In the war of the baby mama's... RaRa and Hennessy will finally come face to face but with their children getting ready to become siblings... can they come to a truce, or will they try to make Gu's life harder? Especially when he learns about a pregnancy he knew nothing about. 

    Find out in this second installment as Gu gives us another glimpse of Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin'.


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