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Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin'

Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin'

  • Book Synopsis

    Messiah (Gu) Carter is the man of a family full of women vowing that he'd always love, cherish, and protect without letting his street life get in the way. Trying to maintain his family life often causes him to shy away from his love life by not letting certain people get too close to him, even if they meant the most to him. An untimely and tragic death in his family changes all of that when he runs into an unexpected person of interest who may have some information... but upon seeing her, could he handle doing all of the damage he planned on doing? 

    Turquoise (Qui) Edwards was the epitome of a young, beautiful, book smart, and exotic young lady. Due to a tragic accident in her teens, she constantly tries to find peace in the struggles of not remembering her childhood life, which holds more secrets than she could ever imagine. Being the arch enemy to her own blood sister and simply trying to find her way... the last thing she needed was to be a witness to something that had nothing to do with her. Will she keep more secrets or will she fold and ruin the entire foundation of another man's family? 

    Belcalis (Bari) Carter had it tough being the little sister of 'Gu' but she was determined to live her personal life and hide it from him until life just becomes too much to handle. A teen making grown woman decisions constantly got her in compromising positions that would not only ruin her, but her family as well. Allowing her own selfish ways to get the best of her... she finds herself on a major road of destruction that not even Gu could save her from. 

    Rayliris (RaRa) Almanzar is the true definition of a woman scorned but there was one thing more dangerous than a woman scorned and that was a woman with a jealous spirit. RaRa takes extreme measures to remain relevant in Gu's life but will she learn the true meaning of 'another woman's happiness is not your own' or will she move forward on her plans and eventually cause herself to feel the raft of Gu? 

    Although the women in Gu's life is full of turmoil around him there was one fact that would always remain in his. Find out how he lets it all play out in Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin'.


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