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A Thug Saved My Heart 3

A Thug Saved My Heart 3

  • Book Synopsis

    They say the third times the charm, but is that the case for this group of friends when everything that’s meant to pull them together has actually pushed them apart?

    With LeLe on the fence about those around her in part 2; it only made her cling on to Cass a little more, but after having that unexpected talk with CoCo, she soon learned everything wasn’t what it seemed. She realized how badly she messed up when she gave Cass the power to feed her, but will she get the last laugh and dodge going back to jail? Could the love of her life be right up under her nose all along? 

    Leon has finally come to terms with himself about the role he wants Kevin to play in his life. He only hopes his brother Trell and his mother will reconsider disowning him; even if it means losing everything first. 

    Kim has finally decided to let all of her demons out while turning to the person she least expected to help her straighten her life out. After finding out she’s pregnant, her highest hopes is the possibility of her unborn baby saving her life after Majestic finds out what she really did and the pain she’s really caused him. 

    Abbey is trying so hard to ignore Trell and be loyal to her friend but Trell is tired. He doesn’t want to play this game with Abbey anymore by giving her the ultimate ultimatum. She’s going to let him love her or watch him love somebody else. 

    Things are intense as ever and everybody is on edge. In the end though, we can only hope for one outcome. Love wins all.


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