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Boo'd Up With A Hood Legend

Boo'd Up With A Hood Legend

  • Book Synopsis

    They say when it comes to hood love it’s double or nothing and all is fair when it comes to the streets. Although it may not show up in a fairytale fashion, love shows up when you least expect it. 

    After dealing with a heartbreak Jania learns the hard way until an unexpected love drops in her lap during one of the most fearful nights of her life. Jania would do anything to get her Ex off of her mind just for something to do until she realizes just how official her new love interest proves to be. 

    Remy and Cam have been on a wild ride for years, but when you put two toxic personalities together, disaster is usually lingering around. Aware of the underlying issues between them they’ll have to decide how hard they are willing to fight, or whether some things are better letting go. 

    Although only a cousin to Remy and Jania, KeKe’s relationship with them was so much more. The love that the three of them share for one another is like no other, and they would go to extreme measures to see KeKe happy as well. When KeKe’s man Trick forces her into some trying times, the girls are right there to help her pick up the pieces. When Million shows up in her life, he prides himself in showing her how a real man is supposed to move. 

    It’s a known fact that when you lay down with dogs you get bit by fleas, but what’s the price for laying down with a Hood Legend?


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