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A Thug Saved My Heart 4

A Thug Saved My Heart 4

  • Book Synopsis

    In this final installment this crew takes you on another rollercoaster of this drama filled lives of theirs. 

    After being through so much pain and turmoil already, LeLe is finally ready to set out and execute her goals while trying to test the waters of love. With the devil constantly riding her back, she’s forced to battle within herself trying to do the right thing, even when the person she least expects tries to pull her into his demonic ways and wave of revenge. 

    Kim is forced to face everything from her past realizing that even though you run, you can’t always hide. She had done everything in her power to be a better person for the son she bore into this cold world, but as fate would have it, she may not get that happy ending after all. Kim learns the true definition of loving with no limits when she faces one of the biggest challenges of her life for the sake of her child. 

    Abbey is is happy to have found true love even if it almost cost her a relationship with her very own best friend. The saying was true, the heart wants what the heart wants and the relationship between Abbey and Trell was more than enough proof. Abbey realizes that her new drama wouldn’t come from her relationship. The peace in her life is disturbed when she feels like she has to walk on eggshells when it comes to the two people closest to her. 

    Just when the crew feels like they are falling apart. An unexpected tragedy would bring them together again making them realize that life is too short and there was nothing better than loving and being loved. Take the last ride with them to see how it all ends.


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