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A Thug Saved My Heart 2

A Thug Saved My Heart 2

  • Book Synopsis

    In the first part of this story full of secrets, hidden agendas, and heartbreak; you all were introduced to a circle of friends full of dysfunction. 

    LeLe has so much on her plate. After serving that 2 1/2 year bid for being charged with Malik’s death. Her main focus is getting her life back in order. Understanding that she needs to stay focused, she does the best she can while Cass is slowly trying to ease his way into her heart. She constantly wonders about Cass but will throwing her guard up keep her from being loved? Or will not having her guard up lead her to her true love? 

    Abbey and Trell are caught up between being lovers and friends while hiding their relationship from LeLe. Abbey is finding it harder to ignore her feelings, while Trell continues to show her what she’s missing. Every time she says it’s the last time she gets caught up in Trell’s young thug lovin’. 

    Leon doesn’t know how people would react to his secret. What he does know is he loves his twin brother Trell more than anything, but after receiving the news of Trell putting Leon’s lover in the hospital, Leon is force to accept and own his truth facing what his heart has been feeling all along. 

    Kim has so many demons she exposed in part one that one would think her closet couldn’t possibly hold anymore. Kim is ready to come to surface with everything, even if it means she loses everything. She’s finding it harder to ignore her feelings for Majestic as well. After all, how could she possibly love him when she loved his brother first? 

    Is Kim’s twin sister Karter hiding something? Will Majestic ever forgive LeLe? Why is Trey so mysterious? Get the rest of the juice on this crew in this fast paced part 2.


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