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A Thug Saved My Heart

A Thug Saved My Heart

  • Book Synopsis

    Leandra ‘LeLe’ Wells was living the hood fairytale that all of her friends wished to have. Young, pretty, and living the fast life with the ‘love of her life’ Malik was what kept her going. However, LeLe soon learns that one night of being reckless would cause her a lifetime of pain when tragedy strikes forcing her into a dark world she knew nothing about and leaving a piece of her heart crushed forever. 

    Abbey Daniels has the most carefree spirit in the world and she loves her best friend LeLe like no other. She spoke her mind and protected her friend at all cost but a secret she’s been hiding could ruin their friendship. There was one girl code they vowed upon their circle and for that Abbey guards her secret with her life while ignoring her heart. 

    Kimberley ‘Kim’ Laws has felt like the black sheep most of her life even up to feeling like she had to compete with her twin sister Karter. She loves her friends LeLe and Abbey but loyalty only runs but so deep with Kim. Battling with her own demons, jealousy issues and bitterness... Kim is trying to find herself and so badly wants to be loved. With all the secrets she’s holding on to she may lose the few people who actually still care about her. 

    Leon And Latrell Wells are the younger twin brothers of LeLe. Fine, smart, and athletes is what everyone saw on the outside. Inside they both battled between the streets, keeping up an image, and looking out for their families. Leon is torn between what he feels and what’s real dealing with his love life, and he feared losing his brother forever if he didn’t get it together. Latrell is the ultimate thug and rough around the edges. As much as he tries to ignore loving a female he’s finding it to be harder. Especially when he’s loving someone he’s not supposed to love at all. 

    Majestic Laws is the little brother of Malik and he has a chip on his shoulder. Most of the time he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. He battles between revenge or letting go and letting God. Between the streets and taking care of his alcoholic mother... the last thing on his mind is loving any female although he’s aware that’s what he’s missing. 

    This crew has some secrets, demons, and real life issues. The men are on edge, and the women need prayer. In this series we’ll find out if these thugs found love and just how a thug saved these womens hearts.


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