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Shalaine Yvonne was born in Los Angeles, California where she was partially raised, until she relocated to Carver Ranches, Florida. Shalaine, known by her pen name as Author S.Yvonne, currently still resides in the state of Florida and has always been a lover of urban fiction. At a very young age she fell in love with the urban fiction genre and knew that she would one day become an author.

She put out her first series in 2016 and has been excelling since then, eventually launching her own independent publishing company called S.Yvonne Presents, where she currently has over twenty talented authors under her company. Her hood romance novels are entertaining and bring much pleasure to her readers. 

Writing has always been a passion of hers, and being able to turn it into a fulfilling career has been one of her greatest achievements. Read on to learn more about her work and feel free to contact her. She'd love to hear from you.

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Jingle Bells With A Goon City Boss: A Novella

Latest Release
December 31, 2022

Ohanna means God’s gift of grace, and the beautiful Ohanna Jenkins was fitting of the meaning in every aspect of life. Her smile could light up a room. Her confidence could overpour on top of the meanest spirits, and her charming ways and warm personality could soften the darkest souls. She had everything she wanted, except for a good man. Ohanna took pride in being the perfect wife to Lux, the perfect mother to their daughter Isadora, and the epitome of illusion of what a good woman is supposed to be. Although she tried to handle everything with grace, she wasn’t a pushover by far. Her mouth and stubbornness could sometimes cause more damage than resolution. Tired of fighting with Lux, she wants nothing more than to enjoy the approaching Christmas holiday as a family. With her suspicions arising, Ohanna decides to take a much-needed break. After taking the wrong turn, she realizes that break may be forever.

Tannen Combs is a hard worker, a protector, and a good-looking goon with a heart as cold as ice. Tannen never looked forward to the holidays and neither did anyone in his city after tragedy struck years ago molding him into a natural born killer. While other streets were filled with holiday parades and sweet Christmas melodies, his city was filled with cold, clammy streets of hurting hearts from years of injustice. The residents of the small township protected what was left of their city like their lives depended on it. It was very rare that anyone who made it in ever made it out. The obscure inconspicuous town had Tannen in a choke hold and nobody made a move if it wasn’t on his word.

When two different worlds collide, the story can unfold in innumerable ways. Sometimes it takes a different world, a different outlook, and a different spirit to break down the barriers of emotionally protective walls. Tannen never gave his heart to anyone because it would never be good for anyone, or so he thought.

Come spin the block with this crew on the other side of town; one so dangerous, it’s no longer listed on the map. Will Ohanna be warm enough to bring it some light, even in one of the most fearful times of her life? Welcome to ‘Goon City’ where you’ll find out.

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The Calm To A Savage's Heart

One of the readers top favorite

Tasha's Got A Baby

Grab your Kleenex for this one. This is some of the realist she ever wrote.

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A Cold Winter With A Hot Boy

It's a cold world outside, make sure you stay dressed for the weather!

Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin'

The title says it all! Fall in love with Messiah 'Gu' Carter as he shows you some hard lovin' while still straight thuggin'.

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