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Shalaine Yvonne was born in Los Angeles, California where she was partially raised, until she relocated to Carver Ranches, Florida. Shalaine, known by her pen name as Author S.Yvonne, currently still resides in the state of Florida and has always been a lover of urban fiction. At a very young age she fell in love with the urban fiction genre and knew that she would one day become an author.

She put out her first series in 2016 and has been excelling since then, eventually launching her own independent publishing company called S.Yvonne Presents, where she currently has over twenty talented authors under her company. Her hood romance novels are entertaining and bring much pleasure to her readers. 

Writing has always been a passion of hers, and being able to turn it into a fulfilling career has been one of her greatest achievements. Read on to learn more about her work and feel free to contact her. She'd love to hear from you.

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Never Leave: The Story of Knowledge Toussaint

Latest Release
September 15, 2023

You have to ‘know’ the ‘ledge’, so you don’t fall off of it. Knowledge is power.

Knowledge Toussaint was exposed to a fast life of grittiness. Being forced to maneuver through a life based on survival at the tender age of ten years old, he depended on a mother whose life was driven by addiction. All it took were two bullets to change Knowledge’s life forever. When he’s forced to leave his mother behind, he’s taken in by one of the most prestigious hit men in the city of Miami, Booney. As Booney leads Knowledge through an underworld of darkness, he also shines light by teaching him how to play the game of life called ‘Chess’. Confidant, yet reserved. Alluring, yet monstrous to some; the power of Knowledge couldn’t be denied. For the first time in his life, he shares his story through his lens, however, with a motive. Knowledge allows us to get deep into his mind as we follow the different seasons of his journey, his battles, his ruthlessness, and his women. Not being the one to allow many to get close to him, when he did reserve a spot in the black hole in his heart, he had one most absolute request: Never Leave.

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The Calm To A Savage's Heart

One of the readers top favorite

Tasha's Got A Baby

Grab your Kleenex for this one. This is some of the realist she ever wrote.

tasha revised.jpg
cold winter review.jpg

A Cold Winter With A Hot Boy

It's a cold world outside, make sure you stay dressed for the weather!

Hard Lovin' Straight Thuggin'

The title says it all! Fall in love with Messiah 'Gu' Carter as he shows you some hard lovin' while still straight thuggin'.

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